Are you a provider in progress?

As moms, we want to provide for our children. But sometimes it’s hard to come by the resources and connections to make it on our own and give our children the opportunities they deserve.

Helping every young mom become the provider they are meant to be.

We know it’s your baby, your life and your future. We just provide the roadmap and support to help you get there – to be the provider you want to be.

Find the Program that’s
right for you

Are you tired of struggling and feeling like you’ll never get ahead? Tired of the your current living situation, couch-surfing, or shelter-hopping, and running out of options? Are you ready to build a stable life for your child and stand proudly knowing that you made it happen?

If you’re a motivated young mom ready to create something more for you and your child, one of our programs may be the beginning to independent living and the future you’re hoping for:


By earning a high school diploma or GED, you can dramatically improve your circumstances. The FTS program is designed to provide the help and resources you need to get the education and skills that will lead to a higher paying job.


If you are:

  • A graduate of the Almost Home CEO program
  • A former client of the Almost Home FTS transitional housing program

We offer:

  • Up to 8 years of support
  • Access to low-rent housing
  • Job referrals & career advisement
  • Childcare assistance & stipends
  • Home visits & follow ups
  • Coaching, support groups & therapy

We know change doesn’t happen overnight, so the ASP program offers up to 8 years of support after you leave Almost Home to help you achieve your goals and become financially stable and independent.


If you are:

  • A 16-21 year old single pregnant or parenting young woman
  • In need of housing
  • Still in school or not currently attending school

We offer:

  • Transitional housing
  • A safe, nurturing environment for you & your child
  • Assistance with basic needs – food, clothing, diapers & baby supplies
  • Case management & counseling
  • Tutoring and academic support
  • Life skills classes to learn how to build the skills you need to succeed

Build the skills you need to live independently and support your child. Begin the pathway to your new future today.

Not sure which program is right for you or how to start your transformation? Contact us at 314-771-4663 or online.

Please note: Applying does not guarantee admission to our programs. You must complete an interview and the entire application process.

Additional Resources

Are you looking for crisis services we don’t provide?

We work with a variety of community-based partners in the St. Louis area who assist pregnant or parenting women in crisis:

(314) 802-5444

St Louis Region Housing Helpline (St. Louis City or St. Louis County residents only)

Are you ready to make the first step? Apply to Almost Home and begin the journey to your new future today.