Tamra and her daughter's story


Before Almost Home me and my newborn hadn’t been staying in the best environment. I was struggling to work full time and take care of my baby. I was unfamiliar with any real life skills. I was at the end of my rope with options. During my stay at Almost Home, my daughter and I had 3 guaranteed meals a day! For my daughter’s 1st birthday, a staff member hand drew her a card; it’s still hanging in her room now. I was given the opportunity to take part in life skills classes every evening, and I was given the resources to take part in a life skill program at The St. Patrick Center. By the end of my stay at Almost Home, I not only had received the member of the month award, but I was also voted most likely to take over the world. After my stay at Almost Home, I’ve taken the world into my own hands; I’ve been given the opportunity to live in the Almost Home apartment building, which has allowed me to save money and take care of my family with peace of mind. I’ve been able to do things I wouldn’t have imagined. I’ve been given a chance to figure things out without the stress of going into major debt. The road to success continues after Almost Home.