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Thursday, November 2, 2017 • 6pm–9pm

Chase Park Plaza • 212 N Kingshighway Blvd • Saint Louis, MO 63108

Nominate Someone Now

Nominations are open for the 2017 Celebration of Grit Awards

Almost Home invites you to join us in recognizing those who make our community stronger and remind us of the limitless possibilities that we all possess. Who do you know who remained focused on their goal for years, never letting the challenges of life slow them down? Who do you know that inspires you to be your best and reach your highest potential? Who do you know with GRIT?

Someone who is committed to succeeding and will do whatever it takes to win. They inspire you with their persistence and resilience. This is someone who amazes you every step of the way with their determination, hard work and achievements. They experienced setbacks, wins, and failures but never stopped. They were committed to succeeding and worked hard to make it happen.

Nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Has dedicated several years to overcoming obstacles and succeeded, despite set-backs
  • Has accomplished a personal or professional goal that serves as an inspiration to others
  • Possesses GRIT – passion and perseverance for very long-term goals
  • Is a local St. Louisan or has ties with the St. Louis community
  • Is at least 18 years old. Nominees may be male or female

Please keep this in mind as you consider your nomination:

Think about how your nominee has demonstrated GRIT. Consider what obstacles they have overcome and if they have been working towards their goals for years. Have they experienced set-backs, but never let it stop them? Are their accomplishments inspirational? What impact have they made in our community?

Read through our nomination form before you begin your submission. We recommend you look at all the information requested before you begin filling out the form. You are encouraged to write out your answers in a word processing document first in case the form times out. Then you can copy and paste them into the form.

Tell us why your nominee has GRIT! Your nomination is the most important part of the process. Be thoughtful and tell us why you think your nominee deserves the GRIT award. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and “cut-and-paste” them into each answer field.

Click “Submit.”  If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, you will receive a confirmation that your nomination has been received. And yes, we read each and every one. Nominations will remain open through May 1, 2017.


Nomination FAQ:

Who is eligible to be considered for the Celebration of GRIT award?

Please review the awardee criteria. Nominations must be in the name of an individual. They must be at least 18 years old at the time of your nomination. Men and Women are eligible to receive the Celebration of GRIT award.

If you are submitting a company or business, the individual should be the individual we would contact for more information and to tell them they have been nominated.

How will I know if my nominee is selected?

Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide. You will receive an email notification that your submission has been received.

What do I do if I don’t know my nominee’s contact information?

Please provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an email address or telephone number so we can contact your nominee.

Can I send Almost Home more information about my nominee?

There is a section at the end of the form where you can enter links to articles and websites. We encourage you to add as much information to this section as you would like. You may also add any additional comments. Please do not send any other materials unless we request them.

May I mail, fax, or call you with my nomination?

We require all requests be submitted through the online form. Mailed, faxed, and phone nominations will not be accepted.

What do I do if I am unable to submit my form?

Certain fields are required in the form and are indicated with an asterisk (*). Please make sure all required fields are filled out. If you have filled out all required fields and are still unable to submit your form, please contact 314-771-4663 x 403 or emccrary@almosthomestl.org

Almost Home is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. We recommend you first write and save your answers to the nomination questions in a separate word processing document and then copy and paste into the nomination form.

Can I buy tickets to the Celebration of GRIT?

To attend the event as an individual OR to attend as a sponsor, visit the event registration page.