The Almost Home Team

Our Almost Home team is a group of committed, courageous professionals who advance our work with strong minds and stronger hearts. We are inspired by the young moms, babies, donors, volunteers, and team we work with. We reject the status quo, research diligently, innovate boldly, and evaluate carefully in our relentless pursuit of “what works.” We consider it a great responsibility to walk with our moms in the journey of a lifetime and are aware that the work we pursue has limitless potential to transform lives, families, economies, and generations.

Want to make a difference in the lives of deserving young women?

Administrative Team:

Maria Schneider 2 Website
Director of Programs

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Operations Director

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Manager of Donor Relations

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Programming Team:

Amber Elliott 1 website
Transitional Living Coach
Ariel Turner Website
Transitional Living Coach
Amy Lang 3 Website
Transitional Living Coach
Adrianne Sampson 1 Website
Transitional Living Coach
Mia Stewart Website
Program Services Coordinator

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Akiba Thompson Website
Transitional Living Coach
Tolana website
Transitional Living Coach
Shanikka website
Transitional Living Coach
Transitional Living Coach

Support Staff:

There are no team members to display